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Let Toombas DESIGN your own Private Label Denim Collection/Line


Have you always wanted to start a denim line or seasonal collection of denim but just didn't know where to start?

Now's your chance! If you'd like to produce a collection of YOUR PRODUCT/STYLES with YOUR LOGO using a standard fit or one that's unique to your product, then let Toombas take the guess-work out of the process and make your dreams a reality! Developing your own line/collection takes time, expertise and capital. We can design and manufacture your private label collection/clothing line for you (complete with your logo and vision)!

CELEBRITIES!! We can design a specific curvy denim collection designed for you and your brand! The timeframe is much shorter, you can use our specialized, proven fit and have fun "designing" the LOOK of your collection. Your brand name will be the actual name of the collection! And just like that you're an "instant" designer!

Below is a quick list of pricing so you can get a quick overview of how much work goes into it and set your budget accordingly...

Initial Consultation ----- $75
Create Design Sketches/Line Sheets ----- $75/sketch
Create Logo ----- $150 + Digitizing ----- $45

PRE-PRODUCTION PRICING (starting at $2,500):
Create up to 2 sketches/styles
Create logo & digitize
Select fabrics, notions & perform shrinkage testing
1st (run) patterns, samples & adjustments
2nd (run) patterns, samples & adjustments
3rd (run) patterns, samples & adjustment (final)

Please note that the pre-production process takes approximately 90 days on average.

Once pre-production process is completed, we'll send you a PRODUCTION ORDER FORM. Once purchase is confirmed and deposit (60% down) is received, production will begin! You will receive a expected completion date, which is usually estimated at approximately 90 days, depending on the quantity.

Once your production deposit (60% down) is paid, we will begin grading your sizes, generating your markers and then we will give you a production time line.

Your production price will depend on the amount of detail on your jeans, type of denim used, laundry treatments, and quantities produced.

In general, our average manufactured price for a basic style of jean starts at $25 (for quantities of 600+). Our customers generally sell these jeans for an average price of $100+. Average manufactured price for specialty style jean starts at $45 (for quantities of 600+). Our customers generally sell these jeans for an average price of $160+.

Our production minimums are only 200 pairs/style. Our company has the capacity to produce up to 50,000 jeans/month, with additional capacity available if needed.

What if you like an existing style of ours (Toombas jeans fit) but you'd like to have it produced for your store brand or your collection in a different color/fabric, etc. and grade additional sizes? We've got you covered! We'll create a curvy collection for your brand or store "designed by Toombas Jeans."

We can adjust our current patterns and shorten the Pre-Production process timeframe down to approximately 60 days. The estimated cost for adjusting our existing styles in pre-production (depending on adjustments) is only $1500/style!

From there, we'll begin the PRODUCTION PROCESS (see above).

For more information our Design and Production process for Private Label Designing, please email us at